Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Marking off the Bucket List!

     I don't know if anyone has a bucket list or if you aren't sure of what it is I will explain it. Basically it is experiences you want to have accomplished during your lifetime. I wrote out my bucket list in October of 2009 when my daughter Zoe was about to turn a year old. Since then I have added to it and marked things off as well. One of the things I have prayed for since having our first daughter was for her to accept Jesus as her Lord and follow in baptism.  The Sunday before last she did that very thing! She made the decision to believe and follow Christ! My heart has been over flowing with joy and excitement for her! We are so very proud of her, she is so sweet, loving and caring and my prayer is that she will always stay that way. She will follow in baptism the next time our church has it! So I get to mark another wonderful experience off my bucket list!

1.See the Grand Canyon at sunrise w/my family. 
2.Make myself a room in our home that is just for me!  (Then the baby came! LOL)
3.See Zoe accept Christ into her heart, and be baptized. 
4.Write a Children's Book 
5.Experience Italy with my husband 
6.Become active in serving in our church. 
7.Make Sign Language my 2nd language. 
8.Take Up Photography 
9.Lead a small group.
10.Spend each day praising God for the blessings he has given to my life. (Doing Daily!)

11.Learn to play the guitar
12.Have a small sewing business
13.Have a "Honeymoon"
14.Renew our vows on the beach
15.Disney World trip with the family
16. Sing in the praise band~especially on the days the girls are baptized!

So get out your pens and start working on your own list, they don't have to be extravagant, just anything that will add to your life and fulfill your desires.

Here is a photo of my sweet girl getting so excited about her new devotional that our church sent to her as a special gift.