Monday, October 5, 2015

Zoe's Baptism

This day I can most definitely count as one of the most emotional days I've been blessed to experience. Marriage, Births, and this Baptism are right on top of that list of amazing moments in my life. 

Zoe took her first step by accepting Christ with the help of an inspiring group of selfless people at our church, Decibel. They are there week after week, giving their time and talents. They teach our children on levels that they can understand and relate to. I am in awe of how they just give and give wanting nothing in return.  With that being said there is also a beautiful lady in our church with an incredible talent for photography who took the time to capture these moments on camera.  I am so thankful for this since I was too busy crying and rejoicing in this time with Zoe and my husband who had the privilege to baptize her. Praise be to God for these things He has done!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Marking off the Bucket List!

     I don't know if anyone has a bucket list or if you aren't sure of what it is I will explain it. Basically it is experiences you want to have accomplished during your lifetime. I wrote out my bucket list in October of 2009 when my daughter Zoe was about to turn a year old. Since then I have added to it and marked things off as well. One of the things I have prayed for since having our first daughter was for her to accept Jesus as her Lord and follow in baptism.  The Sunday before last she did that very thing! She made the decision to believe and follow Christ! My heart has been over flowing with joy and excitement for her! We are so very proud of her, she is so sweet, loving and caring and my prayer is that she will always stay that way. She will follow in baptism the next time our church has it! So I get to mark another wonderful experience off my bucket list!

1.See the Grand Canyon at sunrise w/my family. 
2.Make myself a room in our home that is just for me!  (Then the baby came! LOL)
3.See Zoe accept Christ into her heart, and be baptized. 
4.Write a Children's Book 
5.Experience Italy with my husband 
6.Become active in serving in our church. 
7.Make Sign Language my 2nd language. 
8.Take Up Photography 
9.Lead a small group.
10.Spend each day praising God for the blessings he has given to my life. (Doing Daily!)

11.Learn to play the guitar
12.Have a small sewing business
13.Have a "Honeymoon"
14.Renew our vows on the beach
15.Disney World trip with the family
16. Sing in the praise band~especially on the days the girls are baptized!

So get out your pens and start working on your own list, they don't have to be extravagant, just anything that will add to your life and fulfill your desires.

Here is a photo of my sweet girl getting so excited about her new devotional that our church sent to her as a special gift.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Beautiful Wife

      I have had the privilege to be in a small group called The Beautiful Wife. We are studying this book "The Beautiful Wife" By Sandy Ralya. When starting this group I found out that when these groups are going on Sandy herself is praying over us. Not only our church, but her...the very author of her book is praying for us.  You can email her to let her know you are hosting this group and she encourages you through special messages and prayer. I just think this is an amazing way to connect with an author who is passionate about women becoming a more beautiful wife!
     Throughout the last 6 weeks we have read, studied and journaled topics from Self-Care to Inviting Romance into your marriage. It has been a very deep, emotional and eye opening 6 weeks for me. There are areas in my marriage that were quietly hidden that have been opened raw and healed through prayer, journaling and sharing with this amazing group of women that I have come to love and support. It is easy to heal and grow knowing you have the prayers of other women who are dealing with the very issues you are and knowing you are not alone in it. I can feel the support and prayers from them and love the encouragement and different views they bring to the table. We are all very different people but all have one desire in draw closer to the Lord so that our marriage can reflect us a a beautiful wife. I don't believe this is a book for the faint of heart. I am a firm believer in you get out what you put in to something. The book has a journal that follows each chapter and is a guide for you to learn scriptures that apply to the very subject at hand. There are spaces for prayers and for when those prayers are answered so you may record them. There are thought provoking questions that you have to answer whole heartily even if it means you are left open and vulnerable. With this it provides you with scriptures to heal, encourage and help you grow a more intimate relationship with God. It is amazing the changes I see in myself as a daughter of the King and a wife. We are just half way through and I am amazed at the growth I feel, I can hardly wait to continue on and my prayer is we all grow even more each day and strive to become a more Beautiful Wife.....

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Do you Apologize to your Children?

     So, as I sit down to write this I've prayed over what to say and how to say it. Hoping that is all comes out right and can be understood. The question is...Do you apologize to your children? I know I'm not the only mama out there that had a baby up most of the night, the alarm didn't go off, you forgot to prep your child's lunch the night before so now you are even later than you could have been because you have to take the time to fix it. Things spun out of control at work or home the rest of the day and when the evening comes you are so beyond frustrated out it comes.....harsh words to our kids. I've lashed out many times before, it's like you just snap and it can't be controlled. You know what? It's ok! We all have bad days, you're doing a terrific job, Mama! Don't let it ruin you! It's what we do during the next few moments that I as a parent have come to view as extremely important and necessary! I stop what I am doing and I pull Zoe into my arms, I hug her and tell her "I have had a bad day. Everyone has bad days, I am sorry that I fussed at you for....Will you please forgive me?" I believe it is pertinent that she hears me apologize during these situations not only for myself but for her. I'm reminded of Ephesians 4:32 "Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God has forgiven you because you belong in Christ." So take a moment to let them know you are having a bad day, apologize. You will be amazed at the relief you feel and the love they shower over you. Set the example for them.

     It is important to us that Zoe and Pennie Jo be given a firm foundation in Christ as they grow so they can make their own choices and see the world hopefully through the eyes of Jesus. I know the innocence will fade as they grow but if rooted in the word I pray they will  grow to be beautiful young daughters of the King. With this being said, this is why I believe it is important for us to apologize to our children when things happen and for them to see us apologize to others if the occasion arises. It is very rare for my husband and I to disagree in front of them, we will usually wait til they are in bed to discuss things. However, each time it has happened we make sure they see us apologize to one another and hear us make amends. They learn so much by watching and listening to us, let's make sure we are setting a good example for them to follow in.  It's ok to have bad days, it is how we react and overcome them that our children will see and imitate.

     You are doing a great job, Mama...Don't give up if you have a bad day, you are not a are human! God showers us with his grace and love, bask in it then show your children the same love!

Friday, March 6, 2015

5 Love Languages

     My husband and I are leading ( I say this loosely as I feel we are just hosting and God is moving through us) a 5 Love Languages group with the most amazing 5 couples. Everyone has been putting forth such effort to read and learn from these chapters so far.  We are diving in to each love language now and over the next few weeks we will be actively trying to learn our spouses love language in order to help develop a deeper intimacy with our spouse. I know from speaking to everyone we are all in different seasons of marriage; some have children, some have newborns, others are expecting and we have all been through our share of trials an adventures. So each are taking away some new tidbit of information to put forth in their marriage to strengthen and renew that lost "love" feeling.
    Throughout the past weeks we have issued a challenge to the couples. The first week was to sit and talk with no children, phones or interruptions for 5 solid minutes.(For Quality Time Love Language) This may not seem like a lot of time but for some it was, if you have lost that connection and communication with your spouse it is hard to talk about your desires, hurts, work or anything in general. I was so excited to hear that some made it through the 5 minutes fairly easily and others ended up talking for hours. It is easy to get swept up in daily life and forget that you married your best friend for a reason!
     The second challenge was to spend 1 minute in some type of loving physical contact.  (Physical Touch Love Language) Some chose a hug, kissing, hand holding, some even took a nap together which I find perfectly sweet because you need refreshment sometimes and what a great way to embrace and rest!
     This week's challenge is to surprise your spouse with a special gift. (Receiving Gifts Love Language) It doesn't have to be expensive just something thoughtful to let them know you are thinking of them and willing to apply things that are being learned through this study. Although everyone may not be one of these languages we felt it was important to hit on each one because your spouse may be that language and you will need to learn to speak your spouses love language in order to deepen your relationship and intimacy. I am anxious to hear what everyone does for their spouse and how it affects their week! So with all this being said I wanted to share what I made for the ladies in the group as a gift. (We broke up in to men/women this week so I prepared this for my ladies!) It is just a simple book mark that they can use to mark where they are in the 5 Love Language book or in their Bible as they strive to dive deeper into the Word each day!

Arial posted this of her using hers today while she was in her daily quiet time!! (Thank you Arial for sharing with me!)

I simply sewed up some fabric, used a laminating iron on and my Silhouette to personalize!! I love getting to be crafty and sharing it with others!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Photo Silhouette

     I just love a great silhouette, whether it be my own child or someone I don't even know from long ago! Either way I think they are sophisticated and enchanting to look at and have in my home. So since I enjoy embroidery so very much I worked up a little silhouette of my daughter. She is 6 now and I just adore how it came out. I am about to begin one for Pennie Girl. She has a little cupie curl in her hair that I think will make for an adorable look.

I also tried my hand at some tiny embroidery for a necklace. I did one for myself and one for a dear neighbor who bought those most adorable hoops for me!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Come on Springtime

 Gearing up for the spring and summer I am cutting these patterns to have for Miss Pennie Jo to wear and her precious cousin Miss Priss (Amelia). These two will be so sweet and these are the best airy, comfy, ruffle butt rompers!! Here are a few precious models showing off some different ones I have made over the last few summers. If you want the pattern hop over to The Tie Dye Diva it is the Ruffled Baby Bubble Romper! It is so simple and the absolute cutest thing on!