Monday, May 19, 2014

Catch Up....

It has been since March since the last post and I am terribly sorry for the delay. We have had so much happening and changing around here. So here is a quick update since then.

Zoe is now registered for school and is completely excited about starting Kindergarten. I on the other hand am a bit weepy lol, she is growing so very fast.

I am also growing so very fast! 30 weeks and counting......We are very excited to meet our new baby and little sister Pennie Jo!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Window Box Craft Tutorial

      We have had some very beautiful spring like weather over the last week and today it drops to 55 degrees and ~~WINDY~~ Not so fun for us who love to be outside more than inside. So we decided to bring a bit of spring indoors with us! We have been waiting to do this little project for a while so my sweet Zoe asked to go out and get the supplies today. ( She inevitably has my same love and knack for crafts!) She has been saving her money and knew exactly what she wanted to buy with it so she then asked to take photos and wanted me to put it on the blog. Here is her little tutorial of our home made springtime window box.

Not only a fun craft, but I used it as an educational opportunity as well to teach her types of flowers and their names.

Supplies: Fake Flowers, Cardboard box (or window planter) scissors, glue gun, glue sticks,  grass, fabric for covering box

We utilized an old cardboard box and cut it down to the size we wanted.

Zoe then covered her box with the fabric she chose ( She has been taught the proper way to use a hot glue gun and I was there to supervise.)

You can see here I have horrible skills for cutting straight 

Afterward we placed leftover batting to fill the box and layered on the grass (You could also buy the floral foam to place the flowers in if you would like)

We also turned this fun craft in to an educational experience as she learned the names of what type of flowers she picked out.

My favorite flower....The Glitter Daisy. I want to know where to buy these seeds to grow them! Ha Ha

Zoe placed her flowers how she wanted them

And...TA Da.... Of course with spring come Easter and she had to get this Bunny Mouth Sucker

Her finished product

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Getting back into the swing and upcoming tut.....

     It has been quite a task getting back in to a routine for myself and our daughter since returning home. I have a very special sister who took Zoe for a few days for me so I could regroup, rest up and catch up on some much needed cleaning out. (Amazing how one man living it up bachelor style for a few weeks can have so many dirty clothes and a dirty house!) Never the less I have once again found my groove and am well on my way to being back to the norm of our little life here in the seaside town of Beaufort. I must say the weather has teased me a few days with bright sunshine and warm winds it leaves me aching for spring and summer. We even had to plant some flowers the other day because as my daughter stated "Girl, we need some color on our porch!' Seriously I couldn't make this up, my 5 year old has my husband's quick wit and sense of humor! So enough of all the chit chat.
     I wanted to post a photo of a quick little tutorial I will be writing up for you all. It is for a cosmetic roll up. I just love having my brushes right at my finger tips when traveling and this makes it easy and organized. This is a quick 30-45 minute project that could also make a great gift for someone or just for yourself.

More to come, also will do a tutorial for the pleated zippered pouch one day as well....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

She was not a one in a million kind of girl.... she was a once in a lifetime kind of woman!

     I recently had the pleasure to go to our hometown to care for my husband's mawmaw who had just gone through surgery for cancer on her lungs. She was diagnosed last year with lung cancer and had already underwent one surgery and needed to undergo another to help remove more. She was a small 4'11" woman with the heart of gold and a sass that only a woman raised in the south could have! Small but Feisty was definitely an understatement for Mawmaw Peggy! The kind of woman no matter how badly she was hurting would look at you, smile, and ask how you were doing!? I don't believe I ever saw her frown or complain about anything she was going through. Her family is a mirror image of her kindness, generosity, love and most importantly a true example of her faith and the values she instilled into them. I am very blessed to have met her grandson and had the pleasure to marry in to such a remarkable family.
   Mawmaw didn't need a nurse but just someone to be there with her to help her with daily things. So my daughter and I went to stay with her for a few weeks while she recovered, I consider myself truly blessed to be able to do these things since I am a stay at home mom. However while we were there she was placed in the hospital for pneumonia and within a few days she drew her final breaths and went to be with our Heavenly Father. She went very peacefully with no pain, our family was gathered around her singing praises to God for the things He had done for her and for us. Although very trying, emotional and physically draining on those around her we found peace and comfort knowing where she was. In God's hands no longer filled with any cancer or pain and dancing and singing praises in Heaven. We rejoice in knowing we will see her again one day and that this goodbye was not forever.

  She was not a one in a million kind of girl.... she was a once in a lifetime kind of woman! 

We miss and love you Mawmaw Peggy...

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Twist on a skirt.....

Haven't had a chance to post in a few days. I had a Vendor event this past weekend so all of last week I spent preparing items to take with me. I truly love these events they are specifically for women and their home business. We get to chat, share and enjoy one another for an entire day with no men and kids!!! I am fascinated by the creativity in each individual person and the talents that these women have! Afterward I spent the rest of the weekend at my sister's house which was a treat with the littles running around.<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; I photoed a skirt that is one of my most favorite designs I actually happened upon by mistake. I messed up the first skirt I ever made by placing the elastic in the wrong spot and it turned into this skirt with a high ruffled waist. So after having Zoe I knew I wanted her in this skirt. I later found a design for the skirt and realized in my little world that I was not the genius I thought I was by having this adorably cute, ruffled waist skirt! Oh...Well...<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Here is a small tutorial I did to show you how to make a skirt have a ruffled waist, then added a little extra for personalization. Hope you like it and get as much enjoyment as I have in making them for your little or for anyone you may know. Gather materials for skirt: Rotary Cutter/Scissors, fabric, Yard stick, cutting mat, fabric pen, and pins.<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; I cut my fabric 15" x 44" (On a normal skirt for Zoe's size which is 4/5 I would only cut it to 12" length. Since we are adding a ruffle waist I add an extra 3" to get the desired look)Once my fabric is cut I serge all four sides.

Once sides are serged, measure down 3" and mark. This will be the fold to make your ruffled waist.

I mark every few inches down the width of my skirt so I have an even fold

Fold over and press 

Stitch down your fold

Once I place my first stitch line I use my seam guides on my machine to keep my next stitch line even

Here you can see where my 2 stitch lines are and now we will thread your elastic through. For this size 4/5 I use 17 1/2" of 3/4" elastic

Stitch over the end of your elastic so you don't pull it all the way through to the other side

Here you can see the end of my elastic

 Once you pull it to the other side you want to stitch it down on this side as well

I lined up my seams and will now close up my skirt

Stitching up my skirt, here I use light pressure to pull the skirt straight so I can close it up

Press out your seams and there you have it a ruffled waist skirt

Added Zoe's initials for a little extra kick

Also sharing this over at Skip To My Lou, a great big shout out to her for allowing us to show off our creations.Skip To My Lou

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lace Crown Tutorial

We made crowns for the Princess! It was so easy and Zoe had a lot of fun. Here are the steps we took in case you might like to make your own...LOL Materials: Lace, rolling cutter(or scissors) fabric stiffener, paint, brushes and glue gun
We cut our lace to 14" (you may cut it longer for a larger crown)
Paint on stiffener, allow to almost dry, then repeat.
*After a few coats I put some stiffener in a cup and dunked the lace in it and brushed off the excess. This worked a lot better, and was much faster. Allow drying 8-24 hours depending on the lace. This lace is very fine and thin and dried in a matter of about 6-8 hours. We then painted the lace with a silver glitter paint. (Feel free to use any color you like)
TADA!!! Zoe's Crown
I used 2 bobby pins to hold it in place! She loved it!
The Sassy Princess!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Easy Skirt Tutorial..Excuse my Blog issues with photos

Example of a skirt without the trim
Ok, I know it's upside down but for some reason the blog won't allow me to correct it no matter what I tried. So when my IT hubs gets home he can help fix it! LOL

  I am very excited that spring is upon us. Here where we live it was 70 yesterday and a beautiful 68 today. We played outside and also used a lot of home made chalk paint! (That will be our next tutorial for the littles) Ok, back on track as I was saying.... Spring is coming and Zoe loves nothing more than to wear a skirt and some leggings everywhere we go. She is a little bit priss, a little bit tom-boy (the perfect combination if you ask me)
     So I took the Simplicity pattern 1816 and revamped it to what I wanted for Zoe. I used my measuring tape to measure her waist for the elastic and added an inch for growth and comfort. It's not the most professional method but I like to be a rebel and take chances! This skirt will fit a 4T/5T.

     Materials:  1/2 yard of coordinating fabrics, elastic for waist band, rotary cutter/scissors, pins, iron 


Serge together Trim and Fabric for Waistband

Press out your seams and you will have what looks like this

Serge both raw edges
I then line up my seams for the waist and the bottom trim


Sew your skirt closed

Once seams are pressed you can see where we lined up correctly

Serge bottom of trim and top of waistband

Fold over for your hem

Fold over 3/4" for the waistband

Then fold down again so that your band meets the top of the serged band

Measure 1" from your center seam on both right and left sides. This is where you will thread your elastic through for the waistband.

I have marked with pins where my opening will be. Stitch down your band and then hem the bottom of your skirt.

This is your opening for the elastic

I use a large safety pin to thread my elastic through

Overlap 1/2" of your elastic and stitch together

I like to place a piece of ribbon to indicate where the back of my skirt is.
Stitch closed your opening and you are finished! Takes about 20 min from start to finish