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New Twist on a skirt.....

Haven't had a chance to post in a few days. I had a Vendor event this past weekend so all of last week I spent preparing items to take with me. I truly love these events they are specifically for women and their home business. We get to chat, share and enjoy one another for an entire day with no men and kids!!! I am fascinated by the creativity in each individual person and the talents that these women have! Afterward I spent the rest of the weekend at my sister's house which was a treat with the littles running around.<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; I photoed a skirt that is one of my most favorite designs I actually happened upon by mistake. I messed up the first skirt I ever made by placing the elastic in the wrong spot and it turned into this skirt with a high ruffled waist. So after having Zoe I knew I wanted her in this skirt. I later found a design for the skirt and realized in my little world that I was not the genius I thought I was by having this adorably cute, ruffled waist skirt! Oh...Well...<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Here is a small tutorial I did to show you how to make a skirt have a ruffled waist, then added a little extra for personalization. Hope you like it and get as much enjoyment as I have in making them for your little or for anyone you may know. Gather materials for skirt: Rotary Cutter/Scissors, fabric, Yard stick, cutting mat, fabric pen, and pins.<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; I cut my fabric 15" x 44" (On a normal skirt for Zoe's size which is 4/5 I would only cut it to 12" length. Since we are adding a ruffle waist I add an extra 3" to get the desired look)Once my fabric is cut I serge all four sides.

Once sides are serged, measure down 3" and mark. This will be the fold to make your ruffled waist.

I mark every few inches down the width of my skirt so I have an even fold

Fold over and press 

Stitch down your fold

Once I place my first stitch line I use my seam guides on my machine to keep my next stitch line even

Here you can see where my 2 stitch lines are and now we will thread your elastic through. For this size 4/5 I use 17 1/2" of 3/4" elastic

Stitch over the end of your elastic so you don't pull it all the way through to the other side

Here you can see the end of my elastic

 Once you pull it to the other side you want to stitch it down on this side as well

I lined up my seams and will now close up my skirt

Stitching up my skirt, here I use light pressure to pull the skirt straight so I can close it up

Press out your seams and there you have it a ruffled waist skirt

Added Zoe's initials for a little extra kick

Also sharing this over at Skip To My Lou, a great big shout out to her for allowing us to show off our creations.Skip To My Lou


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