Monday, March 30, 2015

The Beautiful Wife

      I have had the privilege to be in a small group called The Beautiful Wife. We are studying this book "The Beautiful Wife" By Sandy Ralya. When starting this group I found out that when these groups are going on Sandy herself is praying over us. Not only our church, but her...the very author of her book is praying for us.  You can email her to let her know you are hosting this group and she encourages you through special messages and prayer. I just think this is an amazing way to connect with an author who is passionate about women becoming a more beautiful wife!
     Throughout the last 6 weeks we have read, studied and journaled topics from Self-Care to Inviting Romance into your marriage. It has been a very deep, emotional and eye opening 6 weeks for me. There are areas in my marriage that were quietly hidden that have been opened raw and healed through prayer, journaling and sharing with this amazing group of women that I have come to love and support. It is easy to heal and grow knowing you have the prayers of other women who are dealing with the very issues you are and knowing you are not alone in it. I can feel the support and prayers from them and love the encouragement and different views they bring to the table. We are all very different people but all have one desire in draw closer to the Lord so that our marriage can reflect us a a beautiful wife. I don't believe this is a book for the faint of heart. I am a firm believer in you get out what you put in to something. The book has a journal that follows each chapter and is a guide for you to learn scriptures that apply to the very subject at hand. There are spaces for prayers and for when those prayers are answered so you may record them. There are thought provoking questions that you have to answer whole heartily even if it means you are left open and vulnerable. With this it provides you with scriptures to heal, encourage and help you grow a more intimate relationship with God. It is amazing the changes I see in myself as a daughter of the King and a wife. We are just half way through and I am amazed at the growth I feel, I can hardly wait to continue on and my prayer is we all grow even more each day and strive to become a more Beautiful Wife.....

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