Monday, January 27, 2014

Lace Crown Tutorial

We made crowns for the Princess! It was so easy and Zoe had a lot of fun. Here are the steps we took in case you might like to make your own...LOL Materials: Lace, rolling cutter(or scissors) fabric stiffener, paint, brushes and glue gun
We cut our lace to 14" (you may cut it longer for a larger crown)
Paint on stiffener, allow to almost dry, then repeat.
*After a few coats I put some stiffener in a cup and dunked the lace in it and brushed off the excess. This worked a lot better, and was much faster. Allow drying 8-24 hours depending on the lace. This lace is very fine and thin and dried in a matter of about 6-8 hours. We then painted the lace with a silver glitter paint. (Feel free to use any color you like)
TADA!!! Zoe's Crown
I used 2 bobby pins to hold it in place! She loved it!
The Sassy Princess!

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