Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We love Crafts....Photo to Canvas Tut

 WE (as in I ) are obsessed with any type of craft. Whether it be painting, paper, cotton balls we submerge in flour and water, scrap booking, sewing...well you get the picture. So thanks to Pinterest I stumbled upon a new way to transfer photos to canvas without paying an arm and a leg for the ones off line. (those are fabulous, but these are unique and handmade with love)  Last night I sat down and chose two photos to work on, and I am quite pleased with the way they came out even though the printer was running out of both black and colored ink. I think it adds a certain appeal of a weathered/vintage look.

Simple steps:
*Choose a photo from your collection
*Decide what size canvas you want to use, make sure you blow the photo up if needed or shrink to fit canvas
*Print photo on normal printer paper (make sure you mirror the photo in your printer settings) otherwise it will be backward
* Take your canvas and paint a light coating of Mod Podge on it
*Place photo face down smooth over edges and press out any air bubbles
*Allow to dry at least an hour if not more (I tried a hair dryer to speed up the process and everything worked great)
*Lightly mist the paper with water and roll off excess paper, careful not to rub too hard or you will bring the print off the canvas as well
*Allow to dry and brush off excess paper, then add another layer of Mod Podge and let dry!

*Voila! A great canvas print for your home or for a gift!

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