Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Easy Skirt Tutorial..Excuse my Blog issues with photos

Example of a skirt without the trim
Ok, I know it's upside down but for some reason the blog won't allow me to correct it no matter what I tried. So when my IT hubs gets home he can help fix it! LOL

  I am very excited that spring is upon us. Here where we live it was 70 yesterday and a beautiful 68 today. We played outside and also used a lot of home made chalk paint! (That will be our next tutorial for the littles) Ok, back on track as I was saying.... Spring is coming and Zoe loves nothing more than to wear a skirt and some leggings everywhere we go. She is a little bit priss, a little bit tom-boy (the perfect combination if you ask me)
     So I took the Simplicity pattern 1816 and revamped it to what I wanted for Zoe. I used my measuring tape to measure her waist for the elastic and added an inch for growth and comfort. It's not the most professional method but I like to be a rebel and take chances! This skirt will fit a 4T/5T.

     Materials:  1/2 yard of coordinating fabrics, elastic for waist band, rotary cutter/scissors, pins, iron 


Serge together Trim and Fabric for Waistband

Press out your seams and you will have what looks like this

Serge both raw edges
I then line up my seams for the waist and the bottom trim


Sew your skirt closed

Once seams are pressed you can see where we lined up correctly

Serge bottom of trim and top of waistband

Fold over for your hem

Fold over 3/4" for the waistband

Then fold down again so that your band meets the top of the serged band

Measure 1" from your center seam on both right and left sides. This is where you will thread your elastic through for the waistband.

I have marked with pins where my opening will be. Stitch down your band and then hem the bottom of your skirt.

This is your opening for the elastic

I use a large safety pin to thread my elastic through

Overlap 1/2" of your elastic and stitch together

I like to place a piece of ribbon to indicate where the back of my skirt is.
Stitch closed your opening and you are finished! Takes about 20 min from start to finish

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