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Working on my first tutorial/ Like Most Women I had a change of heart!!!

     I am new to the world of blogging and I must say it is very intimidating at the least. I follow some wonderful ladies who do such a fabulous job in their writing, crafting, sewing and etc. So when I created this little corner of the internet for myself I was hoping to learn and grow in both my blogging capabilities and mainly in sharing my little world of family and sewing.

     I have several friends and family members who are beginning their journey of learning to sew and embroider. I thought what better way to encourage one another than by posting some of my most favorite items in a tutorial to help one another along. I am hoping to gain new insights and techniques of sewing. I am a sponge when it comes to sewing and embroidery and I pray I can learn from each of you, who I hope will share your comments and suggestions.  The first tutorial I thought I would try my best to explain and is easy enough for a novice or well seasoned sewer. It makes a great gift for children or you can easily change the size of the pattern to one for yourself. I embroidered this one for Zoe, but you most certainly can do a gorgeous one without the embroidery.

     Like a lot of women I changed my mind at the last minute and decided on a simple A-line dress with a bow for my first ever tutorial. Hopefully I will improve with each tutorial on explaining and showing quality photos to help along the way...but hey we all have to start somewhere.



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Thanks Brownie-Goose

I have to rave about this new pattern that a dear friend brought to me! It is by Brownie-Goose and is the Bay Dress/Top, Check out all of her cute patterns here at Brownie-Goose.
     I made up a dress for her daughter this evening and I can hardly wait to do more. I have a stash of fabric that has been waiting for that perfect dress and top. Our daughters will have these for just about every day of the week! I am itching to get started, come on summer (or just warmer weather). I think pairing these with a great pair of leggings would be ideal for springtime!

This back is just incredible, I'm still swooning!

These two girls are such sweet friends and want to have the exact same clothes! Of course they are the best models! LOL I've got my work cut out for me!!!

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I have had the privilege to be in a small group called The Beautiful Wife. We are studying this book "The Beautiful Wife" By Sandy Ralya. When starting this group I found out that when these groups are going on Sandy herself is praying over us. Not only our church, but her...the very author of her book is praying for us.  You can email her to let her know you are hosting this group and she encourages you through special messages and prayer. I just think this is an amazing way to connect with an author who is passionate about women becoming a more beautiful wife!
     Throughout the last 6 weeks we have read, studied and journaled topics from Self-Care to Inviting Romance into your marriage. It has been a very deep, emotional and eye opening 6 weeks for me. There are areas in my marriage that were quietly hidden that have been opened raw and healed through prayer, journaling and sharing with this amazing group of women that I have come to love and support. It is easy to…

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Haven't had a chance to post in a few days. I had a Vendor event this past weekend so all of last week I spent preparing items to take with me. I truly love these events they are specifically for women and their home business. We get to chat, share and enjoy one another for an entire day with no men and kids!!! I am fascinated by the creativity in each individual person and the talents that these women have! Afterward I spent the rest of the weekend at my sister's house which was a treat with the littles running around.<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; I photoed a skirt that is one of my most favorite designs I actually happened upon by mistake. I messed up the first skirt I ever made by placing the elastic in the wrong spot and it turned into this skirt with a high ruffled waist. So after having Zoe I knew I wanted her in this skirt. I later found a design for the skirt and realized in my little world that I was not the genius I thought I was by having this adora…