Sunday, January 5, 2014

To Sew A Family?

     In my mind's eye raising a family is much like sewing.  The very way you take the time to pattern out a new design, cut with precision, then stitch up and create a beautiful item is the same as raising a family. They take a lot of patience, planning and time together. I have been blessed beyond measure when God placed my husband in my life. We were best friends for 2 years before we dated and I think it helps us even now 10 years later to have known one another in such a way before falling in love. Since then God has blessed us with a beautiful, healthy, smart, and kind little girl. She is on her way to being a Big Sister and is completely thrilled at the idea of having a baby to "take care of" as she puts it. 

     We are expecting our new bundle of joy in July of this year so I am already preparing and cleaning out for what is to come. Trying to make those decisions of should I clear out my "escape" room for the new baby or bunk up the two little ones together!? In my mind I see the two together as Zoe will be going to school and I will have to have both up any way to get her ready and out the door. Then I worry if the baby wakes will he/she wake Zoe in the middle of the night. I then think, well the dog sleeps on Zoe's bed and she doesn't even flinch if he barks in the middle of the night. Decisions.....Decisions... In the end I know God will point me in the right direction as He has for so long. They may seem minute but they are important factors to us. God gave me a talent for cutting up fabric and creating wonderful things and I use my "escape" room for that.  I like to think of it as my little business that brings in some extra spending money, but most importantly keeps me sane. Especially on those days (and if  you have girls you can relate) that you just can't muster the energy to make one more doll have a conversation with another. Or you've had so much tea at a tea party you feel you might burst! To me the "escape" room being converted to the new nursery could mean bad things for all persons in the household! 

     This is just a small glimpse into who I am as a mom, wife, lover of all things sewing and crafty, most importantly a woman of God. 

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