Sunday, January 12, 2014

A-Line Dress with Bow Tutorial

   I have seen this dress floating around the internet for quite some time and wanted to try my hand at making it for my daughter. I had a lovely Easter print and have been trying to come up with the perfect pattern for Zoe's Easter dress. Thus the a-line bow dress.

     So here is a short tutorial on how to attach a bow to any standard a line dress. I hope you all like it and would love to see your own personal creations if you do, please.

          Desired Fabrics for dress and for bow
          Medium Weight Interfacing
          Mark-B-Gone Pen/Pencil
          Yard Stick
          Rotary Cutter/Scissors 

Gather all materials so that they are close by

I took one of Zoe's dresses that fits her well and used it for my pattern. I added and additional 2 inches to the fabric to account for my pleat. (You can use any a-line dress pattern you have and add to it for your own pleat.)

Lay out your cut pieces and set aside the back piece for later on.
Making a pleat is essentially a very simple process of folding, pinning, ironing, and then sewing your fabric. Measure out from your center mark 1" both left and right sides. Fold fabric under from your 1" mark to your center mark and press. Repeat other side and you have a crisp pleat.

I then measured 5" down from the neckline and marked both sides of my pleat for button holes. This is what you will place your bow through. Make your holes and open with a seam ripper

Once you press the pleat again the button holes are hidden

I used a 16x10" piece of fabric and backed it with interfacing to give it some shape. Once folded and sewn my bow was approx. 8x5". Pull it through your button holes and Viola! !!! Adorable dress for any occasion.

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