Tuesday, March 4, 2014

She was not a one in a million kind of girl.... she was a once in a lifetime kind of woman!

     I recently had the pleasure to go to our hometown to care for my husband's mawmaw who had just gone through surgery for cancer on her lungs. She was diagnosed last year with lung cancer and had already underwent one surgery and needed to undergo another to help remove more. She was a small 4'11" woman with the heart of gold and a sass that only a woman raised in the south could have! Small but Feisty was definitely an understatement for Mawmaw Peggy! The kind of woman no matter how badly she was hurting would look at you, smile, and ask how you were doing!? I don't believe I ever saw her frown or complain about anything she was going through. Her family is a mirror image of her kindness, generosity, love and most importantly a true example of her faith and the values she instilled into them. I am very blessed to have met her grandson and had the pleasure to marry in to such a remarkable family.
   Mawmaw didn't need a nurse but just someone to be there with her to help her with daily things. So my daughter and I went to stay with her for a few weeks while she recovered, I consider myself truly blessed to be able to do these things since I am a stay at home mom. However while we were there she was placed in the hospital for pneumonia and within a few days she drew her final breaths and went to be with our Heavenly Father. She went very peacefully with no pain, our family was gathered around her singing praises to God for the things He had done for her and for us. Although very trying, emotional and physically draining on those around her we found peace and comfort knowing where she was. In God's hands no longer filled with any cancer or pain and dancing and singing praises in Heaven. We rejoice in knowing we will see her again one day and that this goodbye was not forever.

  She was not a one in a million kind of girl.... she was a once in a lifetime kind of woman! 

We miss and love you Mawmaw Peggy...

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