Thursday, March 6, 2014

Getting back into the swing and upcoming tut.....

     It has been quite a task getting back in to a routine for myself and our daughter since returning home. I have a very special sister who took Zoe for a few days for me so I could regroup, rest up and catch up on some much needed cleaning out. (Amazing how one man living it up bachelor style for a few weeks can have so many dirty clothes and a dirty house!) Never the less I have once again found my groove and am well on my way to being back to the norm of our little life here in the seaside town of Beaufort. I must say the weather has teased me a few days with bright sunshine and warm winds it leaves me aching for spring and summer. We even had to plant some flowers the other day because as my daughter stated "Girl, we need some color on our porch!' Seriously I couldn't make this up, my 5 year old has my husband's quick wit and sense of humor! So enough of all the chit chat.
     I wanted to post a photo of a quick little tutorial I will be writing up for you all. It is for a cosmetic roll up. I just love having my brushes right at my finger tips when traveling and this makes it easy and organized. This is a quick 30-45 minute project that could also make a great gift for someone or just for yourself.

More to come, also will do a tutorial for the pleated zippered pouch one day as well....

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