For the Love of sewing.....

     I was raised around sewing and embroidery machines constantly running and was always fascinated by the intense and intricate work that my granny could do. I was in awe of how one woman could harness so much talent in two small hands. I would watch from afar at patterns being cut with extreme detail, measuring twice before cutting once, then hear the whir of the sewing machine and within what seemed like only minutes a beautiful dress, or robe was there in front of me. At the time I was only amused with "playing" with these machines and took great joy in being able to sit behind it and pretend to sew up an elegant dress, or table cloth. Of course I was never allowed to truly touch or use them, a caution I use today even with my own daughter.
     Looking back at the things I saw and had the privilege of knowing, not in my wildest dream did I ever have any intention of it becoming such a passion and area of work for myself. Now here I sit almost 20 years later and can not get enough of the sewing and embroidery world. There is still so much to see, so many techniques to learn and master. For now I enjoy bringing in a little extra income to our house and satisfying a craving for sewing and all things crafty. I have to say a special thank you to my granny, a woman of very many talents that range from sewing, painting to singing and so very many more. I can most definitely say I received these gifts from her, they are a special blessing God gave to her.

I have opened a small Etsy shop for anyone interested in any of the items I may showcase or make. Please take a look around and share with your friends and family. I try to keep my prices reasonable so that not only the kids look great, so that moms are happy to not have to spend a fortune.

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